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A central library and an Archives section have been established within the Academy for the collection and preservation of a wide range of books and manuscripts of music in English, Hindi and Bengali.

The archives contain press clippings, photographs and information about eminent musicians and other performing artists all over India.

Scientific Library

The Scientific Library of the Department contains valuable technical books and journals on Signal Processing, Acoustics, Phonetics, Speech and Language Processing, Pattern Recognition, Image Analysis, Music Acoustics, Neural Networks, Speech and Music Processing etc.

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Music Archives and Sound Studio

ITCSRA boasts of a sophisticated recording studio, that also serves as a meeting place for researchers, experts and students of music. This includes a control room, a work room-cum-studio, a repair section, a tape library and a listening room.

Scientific Library

The Scientific Research Department has developed a well-equipped Acoustics Laboratory with extremely sophisticated instruments to test, measure and analyse through high-speed signal processing. The instruments include:

    1. A Digital Signal Processing Sonograph with Computer Interface (USA)

    1. An Iwatsu Signal Analyser (Japan)

    1. Sound Level Meters ( B & K, Denmark).

    1. Visi-Pitch (USA)

  1. Specialised B & K (Denmark) Condenser Microphone.

The laboratory has also developed very specialised and customised software packages to analyse music and speech. The laboratory also has an acoustically treated studio with a very low reverberation time.