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Allauddin Khan

Allauddin Khan

Khan, Ameena Perera, Pranesh Khan and Amaresh Khan. As a principle, he never accepted cash or gifts from his disciples. As a matter of fact, he took care of the food and lodging expenses of his disciples.

In 1935-1936 Baba Allauddin Khan joined the dance troupe formed by Uday Shankar, and went on an international tour with the troupe. Occasionally, he also worked at Uday Shankar’s cultural centre at Almora. He visited Shantiniketan. On his visit to Shantiniken, Rabindranath Tagore asked Ram Kinkar (sculptor) to create a statue of the maestro.

In 1955/56, Ustad Ali Akbar Khan and Pandit Ravi Shankar introduced and popularized the Maihar Senia Gharana all over the world. Baba Allauddin Khan composed many new raagas like the Madan Manjari (named after his wife), Prabhakali, Swarasati, Shobhavati, Madhavasri, Hem Bhairav, Madhavgiri, Bhagvati, Hemant, Hem Behag and Manjh Khamaj. He created the first Indian orchestra, known as a Maihar Band or Maihar Vadya Vrinda. Since he knew to play many instruments, he knew their tonality and range and could improve upon the sound quality of the instruments like the Sarode, Sitar, Sur Bahar, Sur Shringar, Seniya Rabab, Chandra Sarang, Sitar Banjo, Nal Tarang (made from steel gun pipes).

In 1952 he was presented the Sangeet Natak Academy award, and was later affiliated with Sangeet Natak Akademi in 1954.

In 1955, he established the Maihar College of Music.

In 1958 he received the Padma Bhushan award and in 1971 he was honored with the Padma Vibhushan award, considered as India`s third and second highest civilian recognitions.

Baba`s last stage performance was in 1959 in Kolkata, and he retired from an active public life and stage in 1961. With a long and luminous life of exceptional creativity behind him, Baba Allauddin Khan lived in Maihar from 1918 until his demise in 1972.

A devoted Muslim, and also a great devotee of Maa Sharada (Saraswati) of Maihar temple and Lord Shiva. His residence has several pictures, images and of Hindu deities and idols. The Films Division’s documentary, `Baba`, which depicts different aspects of his life, has also captured the secular and devout Baba.


Select Artist Name Gharana Raga Structure Duration Action
Allauddin Khan Seni-Maihar Bihag 3.11
Allauddin Khan Seni-Maihar Devgiri Bilawal 28.38
Allauddin Khan Seni-Maihar Lalit 2.57
Allauddin Khan Seni-Maihar Zilha 3.03

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