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Abdul Karim Khan

Abdul Karim Khan

Ustad abdul Karim Khan
Ustad Abdul Karim Khan was born on November 11,1882 in Kirana, a village in Uttar Pradesh.

His original ancestors were Hindu musicians. They later embraced Islam. Kale Khan was an outstanding Khayal singer and Abdul Karim Khan was his eldest son.

Abdul Karim Khan received training in music from his father, Kale Khan. After his father`s untimely death, he continued his music lessons with his uncle, Abdulla Khan and also from Haider Khan. He was influenced by Ustad Rahamat Khan of Gwalior Gharana

He blended some features of Carnatic music with Hindustani style. He borrowed Raga Abhogi from Carnatic music and popularised it in North India. He evolved a new system of music notation.
He served the Royal Court of Baroda State.

Some of his outstanding disciples were Savai Gandharva, Suresh Babu Mane, Hirabai Barodekar
Ustad Abdul Karim Khan passed away in the year 1937


Select Artist Name Gharana Raga Structure Duration Action
Abdul Karim Khan Kirana Lalit 3.50
Abdul Karim Khan Kirana Basant 3.50

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