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Over the past two decades or so, our nation has undergone remarkable socio-economic changes at a pace much faster than we had prepared ourselves for. The philosophy and course of our lives seem to have vastly altered from those of our forefathers. The world is becoming smaller day by day and varied sources of infotainment are at our fingertips. And this has naturally had its effects on our own heritage and culture. The impact has also been inevitable on the ancient musical tradition of our country and its practitioners. In fact, musicians, connoisseurs, critics and even the lay listeners are of the opinion that we have reached a crisis of sorts, where something is definitely amiss in the world of raag, taal, sur and laya.

At The Crossroads, held on 20th & 21st September 2005, the objective was to identify that crisis, delve into the past, talk about the present, discover new paths for the future generation to adopt and aim at bringing the old magic back into Raag Sangeet - the music, which is so close to our hearts.


Seminar Report

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