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ITC SRA News - March 2018

ITC SRA Young Maestros, 2018

In an atmosphere that can only be described as upbeat and inspirational, a bunch of young musicians from various parts of the country made the future of Hindustani Classical Music look dazzling. ITC Sangeet Research Academy’s Young Maestros initiative could not have dreamt of a more spectacular start. With remarkable performances and packed audiences at the two-day event at Rabindra Sadan 17th and 18th March, the stage is now set for emerging talent to call a platform their own.

The first day’s concert began with Yashwant Vaishnav drumming up magic with his hands on the Tabla. The Tabla solo presented by this past Scholar of ITC Sangeet Research Academy was absolutely spellbinding. Abir Hussain on the sarod presented a rich Jhinjhoti, displaying notable melodic acumen alongside his abundantly skilled Tantrakari. The nuances of the Gwalior gharana were eloquently expressed in the gayaki of Shashwati Mandal who presented a Tap Khayal and a tarana followed by a skilfully delivered Tappa.

Paramananda Roy began Day Two on a lovely note presenting a soulful Raga Patdeep on the flute. Raga Marwa was mellow and beautiful in Anol Chatterjee’s mature treatment. Next up was Ayan Sengupta’s Rageshree which was a fine display of his sensitive musicality.

The second and final evening of the festival came to a fitting end with Omkar Dadarkar’s rendition of Raga Jogkauns. Lofty and moving, his performance reached great heights in the famous vilambit bandish ‘Sughara bara paya’ followed by the drut ‘Peer parayee’. But the time Omkar had concluded with the bhajan ‘Baje muraliya baje’, there was no doubt in the audience’s mind that a great start had been made.

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