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ITC SRA News - August 2019

Malhar Festival 2019

Although there has been little relief from the intense heat of summer this year, the ITC Sangeet Research Academy’s recent two-day Malhar Festival celebrated the season of rain and wish fulfilment through the many moods of Malhar. Inaugurated by Mrs Bharti Deveshwar, the programme began with a brilliant Mirabai Malhar by Scholar Meher Paralikar.

Musician Scholar Ayan Sengupta shone in a soulful Gaud Malhar. Shri Omkar Dadarkar, a Guru of the Academy, was outstanding in an exploration of Surdasi Malhar. He later performed two bandishes in the “Carnatic Malhar” entitled Amrutvarshini.

The second evening began with Smt Sohini Koley’s powerful rendition of Ramdasi Malhar. A masterly execution of Jayant Malhar in the Dhrupad style by Pt Umakant and Pt Ramakant Gundecha brought out the various layers of Jaijaiwanti and Malhar and their fluid meeting points. A profoundly rich Sadra in Megh brought the festival to a close.

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