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Hindustani Raga Music 2006

Hindustani Raga Music - Future Responsibilities
ITC-SRA Seminar, 29 & 30 August 2006

The survival of Hindustani Raga music does at some point depend on its ability to satisfy the listener. One may well assume that it very effectively develops a transmitting and communicating relation with the listener and it is probably that which has kept this ancient and yet the most modern of arts ever flowing.

One needs to ascertain the point that in today’s world, the impact of Hindustani Raga music should be as effective and special as in the past. The layman cannot also probably deny that the mind immediately experiences soothe and calm, a delight that cannot be explained but only felt in the deep intimacy of the heart. The performer has a great role here. While dedicating his rendition to the purest norms of the music, the successful performer is also trying sincerely to create the deepest impression on the listener’s mind and intellect. And this is achieved through a devoted, concerted dip into the Raga ethics, traditions of the past and a constant thrive for perfection.

Who are the messengers to keep this mission going? Whom would they cater to, say in five years from now? How do they satisfy the three interrelated facets namely, tradition, the new-look audience and their own expectations from life? How should today’s Gurus best prepare them to carry the mantle successfully? What should be the responsibility of the ‘powers that be’- government, industrialists, event organizers, media and the society at large? The time has come for a confluence of ideas and decisions from all these levels.

Taking a cue from the concluding session entitled “Towards solution” at its 2005 seminar, ‘The Crossroads’, at this year’s seminar, ‘Hindustani Raga Music – Future Responsibilities’, ITC-SRA looks forward to ideas and suggestions from experienced masterminds to arrive at definitive solutions towards this mission..

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