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The Indian violin is an important solo instrument, both in Hindustani and Carnatic forms of music

The violin was introduced in Indian music in the early 19th Century when Baluswami Dikshitar learned the instrument from the army bandmaster at Fort St.George in Chennai, and developed new playing techniques to suit Indian music. The violin is played sitting down, the instrument pointing to the ground with scroll resting firmly on the ankle. Open tunings, such as D-A-D-A are commonly used in order to incorporate the drones that are such an important part of Indian music.

It has assumed a similar role alongside the sarangi in Hindustani music in the hands of such players as Allauddin Khan, VG Jog and more recently, N Rajam and other luminaries. Though gharanas are not well defined in the violin idiom, distinctive styles of playing are clearly emerging.

Author - ITC SRA

Gharana Music

Select Artiste Name Gharana Raga Structure Duration Action
DK Datar Gwalior Madhukauns 5.30
DrL Subramaniam Instrumental Gharanas Kriti 4.10
DrL Subramaniam Instrumental Gharanas Dharmavati 24.14
Kala Ramnath Mewati Bihag 17.39
Kala Ramnath Mewati Bihag 17.39
Kala Ramnath Mewati Jogkauns 32
Kala Ramnath Mewati Jogkauns 13
N. Rajam Synthesis Yaman 50
N. Rajam Synthesis Khamaj 11
VG Jog Ragamala 6.15
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