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Darbhanga Gharana

Radhakrishna and Kartaram, the court musicians for the Nawab of Darbhanga in the mid eighteenth century, are considered the founders of the Darbhanga tradition of dhrupad. The gharana is continued in the two lineages formed by their descendants.

Originally, this gharana maintained branches of veena and pakhawaj playing too. The performance of the Darbhanga Gharana of dhrupad singers can be distinguished mainly by the way compositions are sung after the alap. A major emphasis is placed on the rhythmic aspect of the singing. The distinctive feature of the gharana is powerful and expressive vocal delivery, combined with a lively style of performance. Prominent singers include the late Ram Chatur Mallik (1906-1990), who was court musician at Darbhanga, Vidur Mallik, Abhay Narayan Mallik, and Prem Kumar Mallik.


Author - ITCSRA

Gharana Music

Select Artiste Name Gharana Raga Structure Duration Action
Abhay Narayan Mallik Darbhanga Desh Dhamar 21.09
Ram Chatur Mallik & Abhay Narayan Mallik Darbhanga Sindura Dhamar 11.58
Ram Chatur Mallik & Abhay Narayan Mallik Darbhanga Vinod 26.33
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