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Synthesis Gharanas

The 21st century has seen many changes in our way of life. Earlier, when the channels of communication were few and far between,musicians had few distractions. Each gharana had its own unique qualities and musicians were identified by the style that typified their gharana.

With the penetration of television and other forms of entertainment, audiences are changing and tastes are becoming far more catholic. In such a scenario, many musicians have introduced elements from other gharanas into their own delineations, making it difficult to categorise their music as belonging to any one particular gharana. They have thus performed what yesteryear musicians would never have thought of – a synthesis of gharanas.


Author - ITC SRA

Gharana Music

Select Artiste Name Gharana Raga Structure Duration Action
Anindita Deb Synthesis Madhuvanti 38.56
Aruna Sairam Synthesis Abhogi 6.57
Aruna Sairam Synthesis Anandaamritkarshini 39.02
Aruna Sairam Synthesis Abhogi 6.57
Aruna Sairam Synthesis Anandaamritkarshini 39.02
Chhannulal Mishra Synthesis Mishra Khamaj Bandishi Thumri 4.51
Chhannulal Mishra Synthesis Mishra Khamaj Thumri 11.28
Chhannulal Mishra Synthesis Shyam Kalyan 2.45
Gajananrao Joshi Synthesis Bageshri Kanhada 14.56
Gauhar Jan Synthesis Bhairavi 2.18
Gauhar Jan Synthesis Bhairavi Bandishi Thumri 2.28
Gauhar Jan Synthesis Bhairavi Thumri 2.22
Gauhar Jan Synthesis Desh 2.45
Gauhar Jan Synthesis Gandhari 2.16
Gauhar Jan Synthesis Jaunpuri 2.10
Gauhar Jan Synthesis Jogia 2.19
Gauhar Jan Synthesis Mishra Khamaj Kajri 2.41
Gauhar Jan Synthesis Surdasi Malhar 3.16
Gauhar Jan Synthesis Surdasi Malhar Tarana 1.47
Girija Shankar Chakrabarty Synthesis Mishra Piloo Dadra 2.42
Kankana Banerjee Synthesis Mian Malhar 49.19
Karaikudi Mani Synthesis Carnatic Compositions 42.55
Manas Chakraborty Synthesis Mishra Tilang Thumri 12.43
Montu Banerjee Synthesis Mian Ki Todi 3.07
Montu Banerjee Synthesis Sindura 3.20
N. Rajam Synthesis Yaman 50
N. Rajam Synthesis Khamaj 11
Nayan Ghosh Synthesis Jhinjhoti Gat 29.40
Padma Talwalkar Synthesis Mishra Mand Bhajan 9.42
Paramananda Roy Synthesis Abhogi 38.46
Prabhakar Karekar Synthesis Bhairavi Bhajan 7.29
Ranjani - Gayatri Synthesis 46
Ruchira Kedar Synthesis Hameer 37
Shiv Kumar Sharma Synthesis Jhinjhoti 60
Shubhada Paradkar Synthesis Mishra Mand Tappa & Khamaj, Tarana 13.56
Sugato Nag Synthesis Bihag 32.31
Sugato Nag Synthesis Darbari 25.01
Venkatesh kumar Synthesis Patdeep 22.32
Venkatesh kumar Synthesis Kaunsi Kanhada 43.00
Venkatesh kumar Synthesis Kaunsi Kanhada 43.00
Vijay Sardeshmukh Synthesis Adana 15.00
Vinayak Torvi Synthesis Bhupali 31.23
Vinayak Torvi Synthesis Jayjaiwanti 9.24
Zamiruddin Khan Synthesis Bhairavi 3.21
Zamiruddin Khan Synthesis Bhimpalasi 3.14
Zamiruddin Khan Synthesis Multani 3.19
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