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Artiste of the Month - March 2018


Prabha Atre

Dr. Prabha Atre is one of the senior-most, front ranking vocalists in the country representing the Kirana gharana, today. A science and Law graduate, she also holds a Doctorate in music and is an eminent personality in the field of music. She is also a brilliant thinker, author, composer and teacher of music.Trained by the late Sureshbabu Mane and his famous sister, Padmabhushan Hirabai Barodekar, both stalwarts of the Kirana gharana, she drew much inspiration from the styles of renowned maestros, Amir Khan and Bade Ghulam Ali Khan. A `Top` graded artist of the All India Radio, Dr Atre`s sincerity to her art and sensitivity to the times clearly surface in her thinking and singing. Her music displays a distinct style and typical ingenuity in design and presentation. Indeed, her dignified presence on stage, her chaste and creative approach, her imaginative play with subtleties of tones and dynamics, her effortless control over intricate yet appealing phrases in alaap, taan and sargam, her precise articulation of words and stirring portrayal of emotional themes - all these make her music a singularly satisfying experience.A former Assistant Producer with the All India Radio, former Professor and Head of the Department of Music, SNDT Women`s University, Mumbai, and former Producer-Director of the recording company `Swarashree`, devoted only to Classical Music, Dr Atre has displayed constant innovation and creative endeavour, both in the classical and light classical idioms.Her `Dr Prabha Atre Foundation` aims to promote the cause of Indian classical music and performing arts. She has also established `Swaramayee gurukul` to nurture talented students into professionals who aspire to take music as a career. She has authored academic books on the various aspects of music that are especially relevant to present day performance.Dr. Atre is an acclaimed guru both in performance and research. Quite a few of her students are already well known stage and mass media performers. She has also been teaching at foreign universities as a visiting professor. Her public concerts, radio and TV programmes and lecture–demonstrations in India and abroad to audiences of varying tastes have always been highly appreciated. She has been honoured with the National Awards `Padmashree`, `Padmabhushan`, `Kalidas Samman` and `Sangeet Natak Akademi` Award in recognition of her exceptional creativity, artistic excellence, outstanding achievement and distinguished life time services in the field of classical vocal music.


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Prabha Atre Kirana Mishra Gara 14.57

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