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Best Viewing Recommendations
Resolution: 800 x 600
Audio/Video: RealPlayer with Real Audio plug in, (multi-mode streaming available)
Animation: Flash5, Java Virtual Machine
Browser : IE 4+, NS4+

How to Listen

To listen to the music clips on this site (and of course, to view the video clips), you will need RealPlayer downloaded on your machine. If you have RealPlayer already installed, just click on the audio icon against any music clip on this site.

If you don't have RealPlayer installed in your machine, you can download the free version of RealPlayer. Here is what you can do:

  • Click on the RealPlayer link provided in the Best Viewing Recommendations above. This will take you to the website.
  • You will find the link to the free version of RealPlayer on the top right hand side of the screen.

  • To download RealPlayer free, click on this button. You are taken to a new page. Click on Start Download and follow the instructions in order to complete the setup.
  • If you are not sure that your computer has the relevant configuration, please first click on the System Requirements at the bottom of the page which appears.

Why Register?
Registration on this site is not mandatory. It is required only if you want to store music clips in your personalized music library - your Music Room. If you are not registered, you will be automatically taken through the Registration process, via a Login page that appears,

  • either when you click on a My Music Room icon from anywhere on this site
  • or when you are trying to store a piece of music, by clicking on the Add to My Music icon against a music clip.

A user who is already registered (from a previous session) will have to log in just once for each session. A Login page will automatically appear - either when the user attempts to enter My Music Room directly by clicking on the icon, or when storing a piece of music by clicking on the Add to My Music icon against a music clip.

A user, who has newly registered during a particular session, will not have to log in anymore during the course of that session.

However, space limitations compel us to remove audio clips from our online archives from time to time. If these clips were part of your My Music Room selections, they will cease to be available. The inconvenience is regretted.

Audio Quality
Some of the music clips that are available on this site are very old recordings - some even almost a hundred years old. The poor audio quality of such clips is therefore regretted.

Disclaimer notice for recordings

All the audio recordings that are available in this website are available strictly as streaming media objects. They are the property of ITC-SRA or that of Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL), INRECO, AIR, Music Today, Raga Records, Navras Records Ltd or Legendary Legacy. They have all been reproduced here with the required specific permission. Any attempt to capture or distribute these recordings in any manner whatsoever is a violation of applicable laws including copyright laws in India or other applicable jurisdiction.

Contact Us
Should you have any specific queries regarding this site, please feel free to mail us. Click here to mail us. This link is also available at the bottom of every page on this site.

Should you wish to post your feedback regarding this site, click here. This link is also available in the footer section, at the bottom of every page on this site.

FAQ (Frequently asked Questions)
This link, also available in the footer section, at the bottom of every page on this site, deals with some common queries about Hindustani classical music.

This page explains terms specific to Hindustani classical music, that appear on this site. This link too is available in the footer section, at the bottom of every page on this site.

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