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Tribute to the great Music Maestros

Dattatreya Vishnu Paluskar

Dattatreya Vishnu PaluskarThe extraordinarily gifted son of an illustrious father, Dattatreya Vishnu Paluskar was born on May 28, 1921. He started his classical music training at a very early age under the guidance of his legendary father, Pt. Vishnu Digambar Paluskar. Dattatreya was only ten years old when he lost his father and was subsequently trained by disciples of his father, Pandit Vinayakrao Patwardhan and Pandit Narayanrao Vyas. He was also trained by Pandit Chintamanrao Paluskar and Pandit Mirashi Buwa, a disciple of Balakrishnabua Ichhalkaranjikar.

D V Paluskar gave his debut performance at the Harballabh Sangeet Sammelan in Jalandhar, Punjab at the age of fourteen. He inherited the styles of the Gwalior gharana and the Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, but gave a new dimension to the Gwalior gayaki through his unique, distinctive style, which was very sweet to hear but extremely difficult to render.

A very quiet, modest and humble person, wholly immersed in his music, D V Paluskar had a clear and melodious voice and a unique, effortless enchanting style. His music, like his personality, was straightforward and touched the very heartstrings. He was a master at presenting an attractive and comprehensive picture of a raga in a very short duration. This, in tandem with his beautiful renditions of bhajans made him very popular with both the lay listener and the cognoscenti. He is also famous for an unforgettable duet with Ustad Amir Khan in the film Baiju Bawra. The only other film he sang for was a Bengali film called Shaap Mochan. He cut his first disc in 1944 and visited China as a member of the Indian cultural delegation in 1955. He died from encephalitis on 26th October, 1955. Despite his short life, Pandit D.V. Paluskar will always be remembered as a brilliant and accomplished singer, an inimitable maestro, with complete mastery over his art. Pandit Sharad Sathe is one of his foremost disciples.

Gharana Raga Duration (Minutes) Audio Clip Add to myMusic
Gwalior Lalit 3.23
Gwalior Asavari 3.14
Gwalior Vibhas 2.56
Gwalior Bilaskhani Todi 3.25
Gwalior Gaud Malhar 19.19
Gwalior Malkauns 30.02

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