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Moulding Scholars as Music Performers

A budding performer in recital

The Wednesday Recital, an ITC-SRA tradition, is aimed at moulding an artist as a performer. After the initial training, each scholar has to perform before a discerning audience consisting of the Expert Committee, gurus, critics, fellow scholars and music lovers. Each scholar's turn at this Wednesday recital comes once in three-four months. Non-performing scholars help organise the whole show, from arranging the seating to managing the stage; from welcoming the guests to compering.

The Performance is recorded for a 'Listening Session'. Then the Expert Committee sits with the scholar, listens to the music again, and thoroughly critiques both the visual and the auditory aspects of the musical performance.

The visual aspect is equally important

The visual aspect concerns the way the musician comes across on stage, while the auditory feedback involves the voice, the style of singing and the 'sadhana' that the scholar has brought to bear upon his art.



Tuning up before a performance

The progress of the scholar, as assessed by the Expert Committee during the 'Listening Session', is noted in a Log-Book. Based on the assessment, the Guru concerned draws up helpful guidelines for the progress of his Shishya. The Log-Book helps monitor a scholar's progress and also serves as a medium of internal communication.

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