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ITC-SRA : A trust promoted by ITC Limited
   Sangeet Sammelans
   Seminars and Workshops
Thakur Jaidev Singh, eminent musicologist at an ITC-SRA seminar

The ITC Sangeet Research Academy, while recognising the pre-eminence and indispensability of the Guru-Shishya Parampara, realises that training without adequate backup of research and rationalisation can go astray. A significant wing of the Academic Research function is the Annual Musicological Seminar, which has provided a unique platform for joint deliberations by musicians, musicologists, researchers, teachers and students, since the 1980's. ITC-SRA's Scientific Research Department, in their effort to link tradition to scientific methodologies has been organising symposia and workshops from 1987. The objective of these workshops/symposia is to create awareness of research in various fields of music and to promote a closer relationship between these fields and science. The workshops/symposia seek to achieve this by revealing the status of knowledge in these areas by reporting important issues and highlighting unsolved problems.

Erudite musicologist, Premlata Sharma delivers a talk

Focusing on instrumental music to complement ITC-SRA's emphasis on vocal music, the Western Regional Committee has organised immensely popular workshops and seminars on the Sitar, Sarod, Sarangi, Tanpura and Tabla, in which leading instrumentalists participated. The Committee is also working on the University Grants Commission to revise the music syllabus at the University level.

Seminars organised at Kolkata
1980 Gharana : Value of Traditional Music
1981 Time Theory : A possible acoustical rationale for Raga Time theory
1983 Dhrupad
1984 Khayal
1985 Thumri
1986 Tarana
1987 Raga and Tala
1987 Frontiers of Research in Musical Acoustics and Allied Signal Processing *
1988 Gayakee
1989,1998 National Symposium on Acoustics *
1990 Problems & Methodology of Collecting Data from Traditional Musicians
1990, 1991, 1992, 1996, 2000 & 2001 International Workshop on Recent Trends in Speech, Music and Allied Signal Processing *
1997 Workshop on Musical Instruments: tabla, harmonium, sitar, sarod and tanpura *
2003 Seminar on Raga Parikrama
2003 Frontiers of Research on Speech and Music *
2004 Stylistic patterns of the pathfinders of Hindustani Classical Music in the last century
2004 Frontiers of Research on Speech and Music *
2005 Frontiers of Research on Speech and Music *
2005 The Crossroads : An interactive seminar on Hindustani Classical Music - yesterday, today and tomorrow.
2006 Frontiers of Research on Speech and Music *
2006 Hindustani Raga Music - Future responsibilities
2007 Frontiers of Research on Speech and Music *
2008 Frontiers of Research on Speech and Music
2009 Frontiers of Research on Speech and Music
2011 Frontiers of Research on Speech and Music
2012 Frontiers of Research on Speech and Music
2013 Frontiers of Research on Speech and Music
2015 Frontiers of Research on Speech and Music


Papers presented at these seminars are listed under Archives (Click).
Those marked with a * are listed under Scientific Research Papers (Click).


Seminars/Workshops at Mumbai (Western Regional Committee)
1990 Sitar
1991 Sarod
1993 Instrument Makers
1994 Sarangi
1995 Tradition & Change
1996 Indian Music and the West
1997 Bandish; Tanpura
1998 Teaching of Indian Music; Tabla
1999 Riyaz
2000 Content vs Expression in Indian music; Workshop on Riyaz
2002 Globalization & Indian Music; Workshop on Research, Archives & Musicians' Rights
2003 Music Research - A focus on Musical Forms
2004 Continuity & Change : Indian Music
2005 India-Iran: Confluence of Musical Cultures
2006 Improvisation in Music
2007 Composing, Composition & Composers In Music
2008 Changing Profile of Indian Music
2009 Reconsidering fundamental issues in Indian Art Music
2010 A Seminar on New Trends In Indian Music Since Independence
2011 Approaches to Melody, Rhythm & Language
2012 Role of Media In Promotion Of Music In India
2013 Dhrupad : Its Future
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