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Giving fresh thrust to its mission to facilitate preservation, propagation and promotion of the great heritage of Hindustani Classical Music, ITC SRA has launched into a whole host of activities. In tandem with its objective to help nurture Hindustani Classical music, it also envisages itself as an arena for excellence, educating, training and developing not only its own students, but also those who reach out to us – from the Academy’s own Music Circle members, to interested people from India or from anywhere in the globe. Taking its vision forward, ITC SRA is also making a thrust in the area of social responsibility. Programmes have been planned to raise the level of awareness and understanding of this music. It must be noted that the actual execution of all our planned activities will depend upon response received from relevant groups.

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Other activities being planned for the ITC SRA calendar:


To showcase the best of contemporary Hindustani classical music performances across the world, concerts by major artistes as well as exceptionally promising artistes of vocal, instrumental and dance will be made available in the following tour circuits:

North America Europe & U.K.
Asia South Africa, Australia & New Zealand
Workshops & Seminars

Lecture-demonstrations, workshops, seminars and symposia on Indian Music by eminent musicians and musicologists, experts in their field, will be offered to educational institutions, Universities, etc around the world.

Training Courses:

Hindustani music (vocal, instrumental) teaching and training by expert Gurus and teachers in short and medium term courses will be organized for groups of interested students, music institutions, music departments in Universities, music conservatories, etc., worldwide.

Foreign students who wish to avail of courses at the Academy will receive training that is customized to suit the duration of their visit.

Applicants will have to provide a half hour of a recent recording on a CD as a first step towards admission. Once selected, tests will be taken at the end of each of the above training courses, on the basis of which certificates will be given.

Individual organizers, music organizations, circles, groups, music departments, universities, music conservatories etc. interested in the above may please contact us with their proposals.


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