Nagraj Rao Havaldar: ITCSRA Artist of the month November, 2009

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Nagraj Rao HavaldarNagraj Rao Havaldar

Dr Nagraj Rao Havaldar is one of the foremost Hindustani classical vocalists of the younger generation today. With a gifted voice of amazing felicity across the three octaves, he brings to his performances the subtle understanding of a scholar and the finesse of an aesthete.

A gold medallist in M. A. History and Archaeology, he holds a doctorate in the history of classical music in Karnataka. He holds with distinction “Sangeetha Ratna” a degree in Hindustani Classical Music. He has learnt under the tutelage of several luminaries like Pandit Basavraj Rajaguru and Pandit Sangameshwara Gurav of Kirana gharana and Pandit Madhav Gudi, the prime disciple of the legendary Pandit Bhimsen Joshi. As an innovator, his pioneering effort to popularize the `Kannada Khayal` is widely acclaimed. He is perhaps the only artist who renders full length concerts of Kannada Khayal by adapting the lyrics of Vachanakaras and Haridasas; he also renders suitable contemporary poetry in the traditional Khayal form.

His deep knowledge of the subject coupled with his virtuosity as a musician make his lecture demonstrations on appreciation of music, stress management through music and various other aspects of Indian Classical music very informative and inspiring.

He was the chairman of the textbook committee for Hindustan Music and the book was published by the Directorate of the Textbooks, Karnataka.

Dr Havaldar`s personalized attention helps his students and inspires them on the exciting new discoveries in their journey through the intricacies and ecstasies of the wonderful universe of Indian Classical Music.


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Nat Malhar 24.1
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