Sugato Nag: ITCSRA Artiste of the month August, 2004

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Sugato NagSugato Nag

Born in 1963, Sugato Nag is fast emerging as a sitariya of distinction. He has experienced a comprehensive osmosis of taalim, beginning from Anil Roy Chowdhury of the Seni-Shahjahanpur gharana , at the tender age of eight and continuing under the doyen of this gharana, the legendary Radhikamohan Maitra. Until the maestro's passing, Sugato received training in all respects of sitar playing under the formers rigorous discipline, and his musical personality evolved. After a brief spell of training under Ajoy Sinha Roy of the Maihar gharana , Sugato continued his training under Buddhadev Dasgupta, the senior-most disciple of Radhika Mohan Maitra and one of the finest sarode players in the country today. Sugato’s style is thus a happy synthesis of various gharanas.

A Sangeet Prabhakar (B.A., Music) from the Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad, Sugato has a number of prestigious awards to his credit. He has topped the annual music competition of the Dover Lane Music Conference and has also been a recipient of the National Talent Search Scholarship for instrumental music.

Sugato has performed in numerous music festivals in India and has also been touring the United States, Canada, Holland and Germany. He is a regular performing artiste of All India Radio and Doordarshan (National Television).

Sugato belongs to that rare group of musicians who have excelled both in music as well as in their academic spheres, for, in spite of a Masters' degree in Production Engineering, Sugato Nag chose to forsake a lucrative career to follow his dream.


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