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Artiste of the Month - December 2016


N. Rajam

Starting her musical career as a child prodigy, Dr. Smt. Rajam has attained a status of a legend in the field of music in the last 50 years. She took the stage as a Hindustani violinist at the age of 15. She achieved at that young age what was thought to be almost impossible, even by the eminent musicians and musicologists, which was the tempering of the western instrument for Hindustani vocal style of music. She introduced the ‘Gayaki Ang’, into her violin playing style with consummate artistry. Dr. Rajam is not only an exponent 'par excellence' of the violin, but is also a brilliant academician. M.A. in Sanskrit; Ph.D. in Music and recipient of innumerable awards, gold medals for university first positions, Dr. Rajam is a noted scholar and had been serving the cause of music education at the Banaras Hindu University for four decades. The University has conferred on her the title "Emeritus Professor" in recognition of her outstanding talents and service to music. She is also the recipient of the Malaviya Award form BHU. A recipient of the coveted Padma Bhushan and the Sangeet Natak Academy Awards, Dr N Rajam’s technique has no parallel in the world.


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